What Is Gospel-Centeredness?

This paper gives an overview of the critical importance of Gospel-centeredness and how the Bible fully and clearly supports being "Gospel-centered."

The Promises of God

God's Word is filled with many promises for the Christian life. This resource provides a list of promises organized by topic.

The Promises of God in Suffering

This resource is a summary of our 2014 Fall Preaching Series on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. In it you will find a helpful overview of the various kinds of suffering believers face and God's faithful promises for them.

Gospel Indicatives/Imperatives Chart

This chart provides a visual of the relationship between Gospel indicatives and Gospel imperatives and the role of faith and joy in both.

Abiding in Christ

Seven principles on abiding in Christ taken directly from John 15:1-11.

Gospel-Driven Sanctification

Written by Jerry Bridges, this article aids the believer on how to grow in sanctification by the power of the Gospel.

Honey Out of the Rock

Written by Thomas Wilcox, a 16th C. Puritan pastor, this sermon helps Christians to rest on the righteousness of Christ alone for all things.