…but why?

by Jon Buck

Welcome to the FBC blog! This is the first post of hopefully many to come. But the blog itself begs the question—why blog in the first place? There are several answers, both positively and negatively.

First, we are NOT blogging for anyone except our church. The purpose of the blog is to better serve the people of FBC, in their walk with Christ. That’s the main goal, rather than trying to seek out readers that are outside of our church. 

Second, our goal is to serve you in small increments. While there are many resources available at our church already (first hour, main service, care groups, other equipping classes, etc.), there are topics that don’t often get covered in those venues. Many of those topics can be covered in a relatively short post. In that way, we hope the blog will be helpful. 

Third, our desire is to allow others who are not commonly with us to also share with our church family. For example, our missionaries (Matt, Peter, Gus, Raffaele) can share stories, prayer requests, and encouraging updates in a simple format, as well as their own meditations on Scripture. Also, we can provide suggested resources like books, links, sermons, etc., without flooding your inbox. 

Ultimately, our desire for this blog is to better serve you as our church family. 

With that in mind, if there’s a question you have or a topic that might be helpful to hear about, feel free to email me at, and we’ll work on getting it answered. 

Thanks in advance for your time.