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Your Name
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Are you in need of a scholarship in order to be able to attend the women's retreat?
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Do you prefer to have 1 roommate ($150) or do you prefer your own room ($200)? (Please note that the room types which will accommodate more than 2 women per room are no longer available.)
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What type of room do you prefer? (Please note that 1 bedroom 2 queen rooms and 2 bedroom rooms are no longer available.)
If you checked above that you prefer 1 or more roommates, please list below who you would like to room with. If you don't have a preference or you don't know who you want to room with yet, don't worry! You can just let Tami Harrison know later, or she can assign you to a room with someone who's also looking for roommates depending on your preference.
Bedtime/Waking Up Preference
Please let us know if you prefer to go to bed and wake up early or late.
Please list any food allergies or dietary needs you have.